Prague Opens Homeless Camp Under Coronavirus Plan

The Prague authorities set up a campground in Troja district on Císařský ostrov (Imperial Island), where homeless people will be able to respect the prescribed quarantine.

“At the moment, the camp will host 20 homeless people with suspected coronavirus, as well as those who test positive for COVID-19 but do not need to be hospitalized, it said,” said Petr Hlubuček, Deputy Mayor for Security.

“Access to the center will be decided based on medical advice”, he added.

In addition to 20 beds, homeless people can find a dining room, showers, and toilets.  The capacity of the facility can be increased by up to 40 persons if necessary.

Homeless people are among the most vulnerable to coronavirus, with individuals three times more likely to have a severe respiratory problem, which underlines the need for a rapid response.

Previously, the Prague City Hall was actively looking for different options for resettling homeless people during the quarantine.

Some of them found refuge in dormitories and in the under-tribune premises of Strahov Stadium.

The Prague Crisis Staff has already arranged more than 400 accommodation places in different parts of the city.

“Altogether, we have 480 places available since this week, the majority are in hostels and other accommodation facilities,” said Milena Johnová, Health, and Social Councilor.

There are around 230,830 homeless people living in the Czech Republic, according to a census carried out by the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs and published on Thursday.

Most of the homeless concentrate in large cities and towns. About 3,250 of them live in Prague.


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