Prague Officially Renamed Street Near Russian Embassy ‘Ukrainian Heroes’ Street’

Ukrajinských hrdinů prague

A part of Prague’s Korunovační street, which runs by the Russian Embassy, will be renamed “Ukrainian heroes” street.

The renaming was proposed by the administration of Prague 6. City representatives called on the City Hall Council to approve the decision on Thursday.

The change will not be a complication for the residents, because no one lives in the part of the street next to Boris Nemtsov Square.

“We also approved the request to rename the bridge between Prague 6 and Prague 7 to ‘Most Vitalije Skakuna,’ ” Prague 6 District Mayor Ondřej Kolář (TOP) wrote on his Twitter account.

Vitaliy Skakun is a Ukrainian soldier who died when he blew up a bridge in front of the Russian invasion army advancing on Kherson.

Not only Prague

City authorities in Oslo also took a historical decision to name the street crossing by the Russian Embassy ‘Ukraine Square.’

The decision will not result in an address change for local residents. But it is likely to appear an information sign about the name, newspaper Aftenposten reports.

Oslo is not the first city that renames streets and squares near Russian embassies. Earlier this week, city authorities in Vilnius, Lithuania, decided that the Russian embassy road is to be named ‘Ukrainian Heroes Street’, Euractiv reports.

The Slovaks also want to rename the street near the Russian embassy. Instead of the current Godrova Street, the embassy could be located on the street named after Boris Nemtsov.

The mayor of the relevant Bratislava district announced it in front of the Russian embassy, symbolically on the seventh anniversary of Nemtsov’s death.

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