Prague Mussel Week to Run Until September 29

Nowadays, it became popular to have a healthy lifestyle. And certainly, those who are aware of good nutrition, also know that seafood is an essential part of it. Prague Mussel Week which is held from 23-29 September is an exciting opportunity to get to know more about seafood by tasting it in one of the mussel restaurants.

Mussels are not that common sea product to eat and that is a pity. Seafood is associated to be expensive and exotic for Czechs, salmon price usually is “scaring away” people for buying it. That’s why it is frequently easier to buy pork or chicken instead of that and nothing changes. “Eating pork every day is not very healthy,” says Pierre-Manuel Boels, HOPI CEE Fish Hub.

Mussels are not expensive (around 64 CZK per 1 kg) and are easy and fast to cook (4 to 6 minutes), it contains more of proteins, minerals and vitamins, and less of fat. “But be aware that mussels should be closed, if they are open, they are dead” claims Boels.

What might also be attractive is that Prague became a hub of seafood in Central and Eastern Europe. “We have the freshest fish on average in Europe because of our great location” says Boels.

So how does Mussel week work? For that you go online, select a restaurant, fill out the form and submit, after that you will get a special code, which you can show at the restaurant and get a discount of 50%.

“I am a mussel eater, every two weeks I eat 1 kg of mussels. I cook it in the Belgian style, which takes me exactly 4 minutes”, concludes Boels.

To select a restaurant and get your 50% voucher, visit the website

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