Prague-Munich By Train in Less Than 4 Hours. But By 2030

The first Bavarian-Czech rail summit in Furth im Wald dealt with improving the connection between Prague and Munich, especially the increase in train speed and capacity rail links. Transport Minister Dan Ťok signed at the summit with his Bavarian counterpart Joachim Herrmann joint statement on improving cross-border infrastructure, which aims to shorten the 2030 route between Prague and Munich under four hours.

The declaration is aimed at increasing train speeds and increasing track capacity. The trip now takes at least 4 hours and 38 minutes by train.

“We have agreed to build a rail route from Munich via [the border crossings of] Furth im Wald and Česká Kubice to Prague, which will compete with cars and be a suitable alternative to air transport. In the first phase, we will shorten the journey time to 4 hours 15 minutes, the ultimate goal is 3 and a half to four hours,” Transport Minister Dan Ťok said, according to daily Pražský deník.

The main transport priorities of the Czech Republic with the Free State of Bavaria are rail link Munich – Nuremberg – Marktredwitz – Cheb – Plzeň – Prague and Munich – Regensburg – Furth im Wald – Domažlice – Prague. These tracks are included in the development plan of the Federal transport routes, so. Bundesverkehrswegeplan 2030 (BVWP 2030).

Joint Declaration on the development of rail transport by 2030 can be found here .

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