Prague Morning to Broadcast Daily Live Events in Cooperation With

Theatres, galleries, cinemas, music clubs, and other cultural institutions saw the first impacts of the coronavirus threat during the last few weeks.

Thanks to the project called #KULTURAŽIJE, which was initiated by in conjunction with the fundraising platform, viewers can watch live broadcasts of various shows and performances online from home.

Starting from today, April 6th, you can enjoy these events on Prague Morning Facebook page.

#KULTURAŽIJE was spontaneously started just a day after the ban of events in the Czech Republic on March 10. Originally planned with just a few concerts, and theater performances, #kulturažije has grown into the largest local online festival.

In the following days, you can enjoy live concerts by Čechomor, Mňága a Žďorp, Czech National Symphony Orchestra and many more.

Over thirty concerts, theatre, and dance performances and other cultural events have been broadcasted online for the past two weeks by MALL.TV

For the first time on the Czech Internet, viewers could watch the play of the world-famous pianist Ivo Kahánek, and Cirk La Putyka, a Czech ensemble dedicated professionally to the genre called “the Contemporary Circus”.

#KULTURAŽIJE can be watched for free in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at, ion mobile and Smart TV applications (Samsung, LG, Apple TV, and Android TV).

The program is constantly updated on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The public can then provide financial support to artists in any amount on the Donio website. “We are really pleased with what we are offering to our costumers and that viewers contributed more than 2 million CZK within two weeks. We have a growing interest of theatres, musicians and artists” says Lukáš Záhoř, director of MALL.TV

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