Prague Metro Will be Covered With LTE by 2022

A section of the line C of the Prague underground shall be covered by LTE until the end of the year, reports

Completion of the coverage of the whole Prague underground is planned by 2022, although the original deadline was 2019. The slow progress in the coverage is due to administrative hurdles in obtaining construction permit.

The Director of the Prague City Transport, Petr Witowski, said that he would like to speed up the whole process and preferentially cover the platforms.

The deal between the city and the mobile operators should be in place for 20 years, with the companies set to pay the transit authority CZK 120 million for the first half of that period. 

The mobile signal coverage in the Prague metro is currently poor, at the 2G standard and only in the majority of metro stations. Construction works and cable installation will be performed in phases and during night hours when the metro is closed to the public (1:00 to 3:00 a.m.). The total distance between the four new stations where the cable will be installed in both directions is 11.6 km.

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