Prague Mayor: Wearing Face Masks Indoors Could Be Mandatory Again

In Prague, wearing face masks could become mandatory again in grocery stores, post offices, and banks as the number of COVID-19 infections is close to 17,000.

“The Prague Regional Hygiene Station could soon introduce the obligation to wear face masks in indoor public spaces,” said Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates).

The Czech Republic was the first country in Europe to introduce compulsory face masks, on 19 March. Masks had been mandatory in all shops up until July 1.

Moreover, as a way to curb the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, Hřib confirmed that wearing face-masks in public transport (trams and buses) could once more become mandatory after summer.

“The only reason this measure was canceled is that only a small part of buses and trams are air-conditioned, and wearing masks at temperatures above 25° C causes serious discomfort for many people,” Prague Hygiene Service chief Zdeňka Jágrová announced.

Today, face-masks are still mandatory in the Prague metro and public transport in the hardest-hit regions, including Moravia-Silesia and Jihlava.

The New Traffic-Light Map

The Ministry of Health has published the first version of its district-by-district risk map of the Czech Republic, showing nine districts in the “green” category, including Prague.

“The evaluation is the result of a weekly summary of daily monitoring of 25 parameters,” said Chief Hygienist Rážová. “The final decision on risk categories is based on the expertise of epidemiologists and public health officials.”

In Prague, there has recently been a large outbreak of coronavirus at the Techtle Mechtle music club, including footballers from several Prague clubs.

Authorities suspect one woman with no symptoms was the source of the infection.

As of Monday (3 August), the Czech Republic registered 16,800 COVID-19 cases with 384 deaths and 11,605 recoveries.



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