Prague’s Mayor and Bohemia’s Governor Oppose Any Restrictions on Travel Between the Two Regions

In an attempt to slow the spread of infections, the government is currently scheduled to convene on Monday to consider restricting travel between Prague and the Central Bohemian region.

Prague’s Mayor Zdeněk Hřib spoke out against the proposed measure and has the support of Governor Petra Pecková of the Central Bohemian region.

Pecková agreed that free movement between the two entities is vital for the well-being and economic prosperity of its residents.

“I request the government not to impose restrictions on movement between Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. Together we form one functional unit, an agglomeration connected in terms of transport, socially and economically. It is essential to maintain links in the field of healthcare,” Hřib stated on Twitter on Saturday.

Prime Minister Babiš admitted last week that the situation in regard to the pandemic is not improving.

Babiš feels that there is no point in tightening measures if the public does not obey them to begin with and that if they would comply, businesses could reopen again.

“We must clearly tell the citizens that the situation is not good, but we must also say that if we all follow the measures as it did in the spring, we will dismantle schools, shops or services,” Babiš said on a recent visit to Hungary.

Minister of Health Jan Blatný has also expressed his frustrations and says the public choosing to disobey the restrictions is only prolonging the situation. Blatný feels the country’s current situation is dire as the more aggressive British mutation of the virus is spreading throughout the Czech Republic.

The nation-wide state of emergency is still in effect until February 14. Beyond that, it is still unclear whether the government can extend the state of emergency without the consent of the Chamber of Deputies.

The Communist opposition party KSČM have openly stated they will not support an extension of the state of emergency but are open to negotiations with the government.

The house is scheduled to meet on Thursday afternoon to consider the extension of the state of emergency.

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