Prague Launches a “Furniture Bank” for Low-Income Families

The Prague Municipality will create a so-called “municipal furniture bank”  (Nábytkové banky), which will collect furniture for socially disadvantaged segments of the population and those who suddenly find themselves in a difficult situation financially.

People will be able to donate to the bank functional furniture and appliances they want to get rid of. The city will then provide them to people who cannot afford to buy their own.

Councilors have already approved a contribution of 200,000 CZK to the organization R-Bridges, which operates the furniture bank. “The plan we have would be based on the fact that many of us have different furniture or household items that we do not need,” said councilor Milena Johnová  (Praha Sobě).

A warehouse is being found

“The Municipality is now looking for a warehouse to protect selected  household equipment.” The councilor said that they had previously selected a warehouse, but it turned out to not be the right fit for their needs. Now officials are examining another two. Once the city finds a suitable location, they will invite residents to contribute to the furniture bank.

According to Johnová, the bank will open this year. “It depends on the choice of location, but I believe that during spring we will have clearer plans on how to do it,” added Johnova. The contribution to the organization R-Bridges, approved by the councilors, will fund the operation of the furniture bank. They will also finance furniture transportation for families in need.

Publication of large orders

The capital has also published a list of projects planned this year, with a total worth more than 20 million CZK. The aim is to increase the transparency of public procurement. The published information includes a total of 89 projects worth 11 billion CZK, including the restoration of the burnt-down wing of the Industrial Palace at the Exhibition Grounds.

“We want to make a systemic thing of it. The list should be updated every three months. We want to alert the market ahead of time so that candidates can prepare for the engagement.”

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