Prague is Urging Citizens to Join Booze-Free Dry February

“Dry February” Challenge

The campaign encourages people to give up alcohol for one month.

On 21 January, the Czech City of Prague announced that it is supporting the Dry February awareness campaign for the tenth year.

It aims to encourage Czechs to abstain from alcohol for the full month, which organisers say leads to “greater self-awareness, higher energy levels and better sex”.

Czechs are among the world’s biggest drinkers per capita and about 15 percent of the population regularly drinks to excess, as defined by the World Health Organization.

According to the municipality, the reason behind the Dry February campaign is the excessive alcohol consumption in the country. Commenting on this, Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib shared:

“I was happy to support the Dry February awareness campaign this year. Alcohol consumption in the Czech Republic is not something we should be proud of. Dry February is, therefore, a great opportunity to test how much control we have over our alcohol consumption. Sometimes we forget that alcohol is also an addictive substance that can have very negative effects on the health and lives of others.”

In 2021, 700,000 people from all over Czechia participated in the campaign, saying no to alcohol for four weeks. In the same year, a survey of 706 participants revealed that 53% of them reduced their consumption of alcohol 4 months after the campaign. In other words, Dry February’s impact lasted longer than one month.

Although the campaign is launched under the auspices of Mayor Zdeněk Hrib, it is nationwide and supported by other regions, municipalities, companies, and the Police of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic has been in the top five countries in terms of alcohol consumption per capita for years. Approximately one million Czechs drink alcohol in amounts that are harmful to their health and that can influence their social and work life.

To take part in the campaign, register on Dry February’s website.


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