Prague is Testing Smart Containers

Prague has started the testing of smart containers, reports

So far, the Czech capital has been planning the waste collection on yearly basis with fixed schedules of service for the overall four thousand containers for sorted waste in the city.

The ICT operator, thanks to the newly installed about 400 containers, will be able to manage the process much more intelligently.

Owing to sensors that are able to report in real time and on a continuous basis the levels of fill of the containers, once the new systems enter fully into operation, it will be possible for the garbage trucks to only stop for those containers, which need to be emptied, thereby reducing travel distance, CO2 emissions and saving energy from transport.

And its mechanism is fairly simple. The new sensors will send an ultrasound signal that gives information, which is translated into concrete levels of fulfillment, calculated on the basis of smart data, reports Ondřej Šárovec, project manager for the ICT Operator Pilot Project, to reporter Vojtěch Koval.

Moreover, the state of each container could be checked in a dedicated mobile app by drivers, which allows them to plan the optimal route for the specific working day.

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