Prague Is Testing a Unique Anti-Collision System for Trams

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) schedules first tests of an anti-collision system for trams this September. The tests will be  performed on a tram of type 15T in Hostivař.

The anti-collision system should prevent accidents between trams, but also collisions with cars and especially pedestrians. The system has not yet been fully implemented in the city tram transport.

If the system is functional, further testing on selected trams in operation is expected. Testing will take approximately two weeks.

The system works on the principle of directional antennas and communicational transmission of short data messages between individual vehicles. According to the set critical parameters, this device then evaluates the degree of risk of tram collision and warns the driver. In case of older types of trams this warning can be ensured by an acoustic signal and in case of new trams, this anti-collision system can stop the tram without the driver’s intervention. The device for testing will be provided by Israeli company Mobileye.

15T ForCity trams have the most efficient braking force. For example, at a speed of 40 km per hour on a flat track, a tram not occupied by passengers can stop, using all braking systems, at a distance of approximately 18 meters.

The Prague tramway network is the largest such network in the Czech Republic, with 142.4 km of tracks and over 900 trams.



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  1. Maybe some better education for the tram drivers would be better. I appreciate they have a schedule to keep but at the expense of hitting people and cars ?? Sometimes a collision is unavoidable however I have been on several teams were the driver just rings the bell and does not slow down only to slam on the brakes causing discomfort to the passengers.

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