Prague Is Looking for the New Christmas Tree

The market organizing firm Taiko is offering a reward of Kč 10,000 for a tip leading to a suitable Christmas tree. On the night of November 27–28, the organizers will install it on Old Town Square.

Proposals can be sent to this website until September 15th.

The ideal tree can be found on private land or in public areas in all the Czech Republic, but the place must be easily accessible for heavy machinery.

Taiko looks for trees that are in danger of being cut down in the near future. This way, the impact of cutting down the tree is minimal as it was already destined to come down. 

The Christmas market at Old Town Square starts relatively late this year, on December 1st, due to the late start of events, and runs until Jan. 6, which is Three Kings Day, when Christmas is celebrated on the Orthodox calendar.

The start of events changes every year and is the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The market in Old Town Square traditionally opens the day before.

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