Prague International Marathon to Take Place on 7th May

The Prague International Marathon is held in Prague already for a quarter of century.

During that time, the marathon has become one of the most successful races in the world which is due to the organization and the overall atmosphere in one of the most beautiful historical cities.

This year, the 27th edition will take place on 7th May and those who want to run can register on the website.

“This year we will introduce a number of new features and, most importantly, the event will be, without any restrictions. If you look for combining travelling as a tourist with sport, our marathon is the best solution,” said Carlo Capalbo, President of the RunCzech organizing committee.

Last year, the Prague International Marathon returned to full strength after three years, and more than 7,000 runners took part in it. One-third of the participants came from abroad.

Prague International Marathon has been awarded with the World Athletics Elite Label Road Race. Therefore, the organizers have been preparing services and innovations this race deserves.

Last year’s edition also introduced a new concept of the Battle of the Teams, which makes the marathon even more attractive and brings thousands more people to run.

This is a revolutionary project which offers a unique battle of teams made up of professionals and All Runners. And it draws all participants into the “game”, so that every runner can contribute to the victory, not just the elite athletes.

It is also possible to participate in the 2Run, a race with an attractive element of a relay race. People can start together with marathon runners but run the Half Marathon route.

Registrations are still available here

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