Prague has Opened Up the Largest Space for VR in Europe

The Etnetera Group domestic group has long been in the field of modern online and digital technology, and the latest addition from its portfolio confirms this.

The new Virtuplex startup, which was created under the wings of Etnetery, has now opened up the largest space for virtual reality in Europe, stretching over an area of 600 square meters. 

The new Virtual Laboratory Virtuplex is located near Horní Počernice, close to the D10 motorway from Prague to Mladá Boleslav, and it is the largest space for professional use of virtual reality in Europe. Professional use means that the project is designed especially for companies that can develop diverse projects here. Up to five users can naturally move in a virtual environment of 600 square meters.

In Virtuplex, for example, companies can design new commercial or office spaces, prototypes and present products of all kinds from cars to aircraft and trams, and also test, educate or train their employees or clients. The advantage of virtual environments is usually that they can quickly, and less costly, iterate, improve and change products or anything that’s in it, and at the same time, it’s a new experience and technology that firms are increasingly attracting.

“Virtuplex is unique in a European context. Professional VR glasses with 5K resolution, absolute wireless freedom of movement through a PC in a backpack and motion tracking system allow you to experience virtual reality without any limitations and in real life, not only statically,” says Virtuplex co-founder Martin Petrovicky.

Antonín Kratochvíl, (expert innovations of assisted channels at Česká spořitelna) expects the virtual environment to save up to 90% of the cost of additional interior and building modifications, which in the past in the case of Česká spořitelna were in the order of hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns per branch. 

In addition to the virtual reality space, the Virtuplex complex also features a bar and seating area, fully equipped meeting rooms, and a rest zone with air simulators. The total area is 900 square meters.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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