Prague Has Now Its First 3D Printed Parkour Playground

First 3D Printed Parkour Playground prague

Last year’s experiment Protozoon, the first 3D printed house in the Czech Republic, showed the benefits of using 3D printing in construction.

Home doesn´t mean only four walls, good civic amenities are also important for a happy life.

Building Society Stavební spořitelna Česká spořitelna (Buřinka) therefore decided to use 3D printing technology to support sports.

The first 3D printed parkour playground is now being created in Prague 11. This project is an example of cooperation between the private sector, research, and the public sphere.

The Czech construction industry is facing many challenges, such as a shortage of workers, insufficient automation, and fast-rising prices of building materials. According to Buřinka, robotics and 3D printing would help solve the situation.

There are many playgrounds for preschoolers, but older children don´t have many options, so we decided to use innovative 3D printing technology to create a parkour playground. At the same time, we want to confirm the benefits of using recycled concrete, so-called rebetong. It is another milestone in the use of this innovative technology,” explains Libor Vošický, Chairman of the Board of Directors of building Society Stavební spořitelna Česká spořitelna.

The first 3D printed parkour playground will be in Prague 11

“Parkour is a modern sport that is enjoyed by an increasing number of children. Its advantage is that it is cheap, it doesn´t need expensive equipment, just sneakers, and sweatpants. The playground that is now being created is unique in that it works with rounded shapes. It brings a revival to parkour,“ says architect and traceur Daniel Samek, who designed the playground.

The playground will open at the end of September in Prague 11. “We are pleased to be able to provide land for this innovative sports project, which is also a suitable addition to our new leisure area at Kupecký Elementary School. The parkour playground is a great variant of the available sport for older children and adults,” explains Jan Stárek, Councilor for Sport, Culture, and Leisure of Prague 11.

Basic data

The parkour playground will be 14×12 m in size. Cast rubber is used as the impact area. The individual obstacles are printed on a frame printer made of material from Master Builders Solutions CZ and poured with concrete to increase safety and strength.

Recycled concrete rebetong, manufactured by Skanska, is used for the foundations of the playground. Work4out takes care of earthworks, certification, and completion of the playground.

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