Prague Now Has a Direct Flight Connection with Oman

During this winter season, Prague Airport will offer another direct connection to a warm and exotic part of the world.

The SalamAir carrier will offer its flights from Prague to Oman twice a week.

Beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, spectacular deserts, numerous waterfalls, modern cities, and ever-present history await travellers in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, and in Salalah, located in the Dhofar province on the Arabian Sea coast. Connections to both cities will be operated using modern Airbus A321neo aircraft.  

“The connection from the Czech Republic to Salalah in Oman certainly has strong tourist potential. Moreover, in the case of the direct Muscat route, we can see additional business potential and the possibility of transfers to flights to more remote destinations in the Middle East and Asia,” Jaroslav Filip, Prague Airport Aviation Business Director, said.

The carrier will fly from Prague to Muscat every Wednesday, and to Salalah every Friday. The flight from Prague to Muscat will take approximately six hours and fifteen minutes, the flight to Salalah will take an hour longer.

“We consider the start of operations of flights from Prague to Muscat and Salalah flights by our airline an important milestone. The new connection creates an excellent opportunity for the citizens of the Czech Republic to explore Oman and visit incredible destinations. Oman’s capital Muscat is a city of extraordinary beauty, an oasis of history and culture surrounded by sea, mountains, and desert. Muscat is a vital hub for commerce, economic and trade activities, and is considered the economic and administrative centre of Oman,” Captain Mohamed Ahmed, SalamAir CEO, noted.

About SalamAir

SalamAir commenced its commercial operations in 2017, intending to set new standards in the aviation industry in Oman.

SalamAir meets the country’s increasing demand for affordable travel options and aims to generate further opportunities for employment and business creation in various Oman sectors.

In five years, SalamAir has achieved growth in its operations and expanded its region’s reach. Awarded Oman’s Most Trusted Brand 2021 and The Youngest Fleet in Asia for 2021 and 2022 by Ch-Aviation, SalamAir operates six Airbus A320neo, and four Airbus A321neo aircraft.

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