Prague Officially Opens “Furniture Bank” for Low-Income Families

The Prague Municipality opened today a so-called “municipal furniture bank”  (Nábytkové banky), which collects furniture for socially disadvantaged segments of the population and those who suddenly find themselves in a difficult situation financially.

“The basic function of a furniture bank is to provide furniture and other necessary home furnishings to people living in need who do not have the necessary home furnishings, funds for its acquisition and are in social distress in their situation,” the document approved by the representative.

People will be able to donate to the bank functional furniture and appliances they want to get rid of. The city will then provide them to people who cannot afford to buy their own.

The furniture bank includes a small workshop and has four employees – a manager, one technician, and two drivers. Wage costs will exceed 2 million CZK. Operating costs are calculated at 480,000 CZK per year.

The largest amount of this will cost energy. In addition, the CSSP will pay for materials for repairs, cleaning, or fuel. These input costs include, for example, a shelving system, repair tools or instruments, and computers and office furniture.

“The plan we have would be based on the fact that many of us have different furniture or household items that we do not need,” said councilor Milena Johnová  (Praha Sobě).

The gifts will be stored in a central warehouse in Libuš, from where they will be taken away from the applicants.

The capital has also published a list of projects planned this year, with a total worth more than 20 million CZK. The aim is to increase the transparency of public procurement.

The published information includes a total of 89 projects worth 11 billion CZK, including the restoration of the burnt-down wing of the Industrial Palace at the Exhibition Grounds.

More info here or contact Mr. Tomáš Valenta at, or by phone 704 610 086

furniture bank prague

furniture bank prague morning

furniture bank prague


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