Prague Foresters Launch Autumn Tree Planting

Similarly to the spring months, when Prague foresters carried out planned tree planting during the state of emergency declared by the Czech government, they are launching the autumn planting in various areas of the city under the same conditions.

Spring and autumn are the seasons guaranteeing optimal climatic conditions for planting, foresters in Prague can thus plan to plant 130 thousand new trees before winter 2020 begins.

Thanks to their intense seasonal activities the foresters planted over 107 thousand tree plants this spring.

Plan of the Forests of the Capital City of Prague, a municipal company, includes planting new beeches, oaks, firs, pines, and larches to replace ceased forests, or to give life to their new projects.

Planting new trees is essential for maintaining the quality of existing wooded areas, for reinforcing the land surrounding bodies of water, or for preventing the residential areas from noise generated by traffic.

Prague City plans to invest several millions of crowns in greening the city over a period of eight years. The target number was set to a million of new trees.

For this purpose, the town is now preparing an action plan for tree-planting for the next eight-year period, implemented jointly with municipalities as well as companies.

The reconstruction of the Prague parks has a budget of 68 million CZK.

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