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Kateřina and Tereza, food lovers who run the successful Instagram channel kamvpraze,  will share with us at Prague Morning a weekly food tip. We’ll discover together new openings in the city, hidden cafes, bistros, or well-renowned restaurants. 


Where in Prague should you get delicious ice cream and a piece of cake? Or what about getting both simultaneously in the iconic ice-cream sandwiches? Stop by Parlor in Karlin!

Parlor café is such a great café located close to Karlinske namesti, offering many delicious cakes – that delicious that it even scored as the best place to get a piece of cake in Prague in our top 10 list!

Nevertheless, what you definitely need to try there are their iconic ice-cream sandwiches called Parlorkas. You can choose your biscuit as well as ice-cream filling. The biscuits are baked in the café daily and you will always find at least 6 flavors to choose from!

Regarding the ice-cream, you can choose from 12 flavors of ice-creams and sorbets which are produced by Creme de a Creme– a very famous ice-cream shop, which also scored on the first place in our top 10 ice-cream shops in Prague. We got a chocolate cookie with raspberry sorbet and mango ice-cream. We also definitely recommend trying their specialty coffee.

The interior is super cosy as it is full of flowers. Moreover, in summer you can also sit outside in front of the café.



Cappuccino with soy milk: CZK 80
Lungo: 65 CZK⁣
Parlorka (2 scoops): 95 CZK⁣
Slice of cakes from 55 CZK


  • Address: Křižíkova 197/37, Prague 8, Karlín⁣
  • Mon-Fri:  8:30-20:00⁣, Sat-Sun: 10:00 – 20:00⁣
  • 724 51 80 80⁣


Photo: kamvpraze
Photo: kamvpraze

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