Prague Food&Good: Hanzu

Kateřina and Tereza, food lovers who run the successful Instagram channel kamvpraze,  will share with us at Prague Morning a weekly food tip. We’ll discover together new openings in the city, hidden cafes, bistros, or well-renowned restaurants. 


This is a pretty new Asian restaurant in Kaprova street, near the Oldtown square. Hanzu is a “sister” of very famous Asian restaurant Sasazu Restaurant, which you all surely already know.

During our visit, we tried five dishes since the portions are meant to be shared with others so they aren’t that big. So what did we get? We began with beef tataki, continued with sasa crispy roll with tuna and salmon and for the mains, we got vegetarian dim sum Har Gow dumplings and curry with tofu and jasmine rice.

At the end, we could not resist and tried also coconut tiramisu, which was truly DELICIOUS. On the other hand, we were not that impressed by the sauce of beef tataki – it was a bit too sour for us.

The only con of this place is very high prices, which again considering the location are quite expected but at the same time, we still believe they are a bit too high. Have you already been to Hanzu? And what do you think about it?


Prices: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Beef Tataki: 400 CZK⁣
AsaSasa Crispy roll: 415 CZK⁣
Red curry with tofu: CZK 495
Coconut tiramisu: CZK 210⁣

  • Kaprova 45/10, Prague 1, 110 00⁣
  • Mon – Sun: 8:30 -22: 00
  • 227 777 770
Photo kamvpraze

Photo kamvpraze
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