Prague Farmers’ Market Returns to Rašínovo nábřeží

Farmers’ markets are very popular in Prague with the locals. The season is finally starting and you can support Czech farmers and producers.

On Saturday, February 4, the Naplavka Farmers’ Markets are back at their original location.

You will find small producers, farms and organic farms, local and seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, baked goods, meat, cold cuts, dairy products, and homemade eggs.

Czech bread and baked goods from local family bakeries are not to be missed, and the vegetables found at farmers’ markets are of a significantly higher quality than those typically found at grocery stores.

You can meet the farmers and other producers selling their products and ask them personally about their products, and you will see their enthusiasm and feel good knowing you are supporting the farmers and their families as well as doing the local economy and environment a good turn.

Your carbon footprint is significantly lower when purchasing from farmers’ markets, and the local economy is significantly benefitted by local buyers.

Markets are held from 8 am to 2 pm.

The traditional markets are enriched by a wide offer of gastronomy and pleasant live music.

Bring your own reusable bag to add to the good karma of the day; go green, and buy local at your favorite farmers’ markets in Prague!

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