Prague Elects First "Night Mayor" to Tackle Nightlife Problems

The Prague City Council approved the composition of a new commission led by a “night mayor” to regulate nightlife and deal with problems such as noises from bars and pubs.

The new body will be chaired by Jan Štern and comprise representatives of the Prague 1 district in the historical centre and the municipal police. The major task is to deal with complaints about noises from bars, pubs, and restaurants and promote a safe and vibrant nightlife that benefits businesses and residents alike.

Jan Štern, a co-founder, and operator of a cultural center, is one of the initiators of the idea of creating a team for nightlife.

To fulfill their task, the team will work on a combination of immediate and long-term measures. The first step will be increasing the presence of police officers in the places where the Prague people cannot sleep properly.

The next step will be a directive to enable the Prague districts to set closing times of establishments in selected localities.

The commission will also engage in systematic communication with representatives of nightclubs and operators of major cultural events. The aim is, among other things, to strengthen their self-regulation, said the city council.

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