Prague Design Festival Designblok Presents the Latest Czech and Ukrainian Design

The latest edition of design festival Designblok will showcase the work of over 178 Czech and international exhibitors including jewellery, glassware, ceramics, fashion and decorative design.

Now in its 24th year, Designblok takes place from 5 to 9 October at Prague’s The Gabriel Loci Monastery in the Smíchov district and the Museum of Decorative Arts in the city’s Old Town.

The five-day festival will showcase the latest in contemporary European design, including porcelain, lighting, glassware, jewellery and fashion.

This year’s overall theme, The Forest, was chosen in reference to the event’s presentation of “a forest of contemporary designers,” according to Designblok.

The festival will present a range of designs, from glassware to ceramics. Image by Daniela Vrabcova Chodilova


“Forest is the source of life,” said director of Designblok, Jana Zielinski. “Thanks to plants we can breathe, and greenery is the most natural enhancer of our everyday environment. Forest is also a source of materials, a temple of rest, a paradise for mushroom pickers, a source of inspiration for artists and DIYers, a haunted and magical fairytale place.”

“The forest is the home of Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel, and it is inhabited by the fox, fairies, goblins, trolls, and other creatures. The smell of the forest, wet earth, leaves, needles, meadow flowers are a reason to keep going,” Zielinski continued.

“At Designblok, we will walk through the forest of Czech design, peek into the mysterious wells of knowledge of foreign stars, take a trail following the red, green, yellow or blue signposts, each according to his or her own abilities and tastes. We are looking forward to the enchanted forest of Designblok.”

Designblok showcases the work of over 178 exhibitors. Image by Porigami


The Gabriel Loci Monastery will present the work of seven Ukrainian designers and studios in an exhibition named Sláva Ukrajině [Glory to Ukraine], which aims to support artists affected by the war.

The brands and design studios taking part include Gunia Project, Gushka WoolOLK manufactory – Oksana Levchenya, RE:QUIET, Seri/graph studio and Sergey Zhernov.

According to Designblok, all the chosen studios have an original creative process and values “strongly anchored in traditions, crafts and environmentally responsible production, and their relentless courage to continue working despite the difficult circumstances”.


The space will also be home to an exhibition called Diploma Selection, featuring the work of 30 designers who took part in an international competition in product and fashion design.

The fashion shows will take place on 8 October 2022 at Sacre Coeur on Holečková Street in Smichov and tickets are on sale on Designblok’s website.

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