Prague Concerts 2022: The Best Shows to Book for Next Year

Prague Concerts 2022

Following nearly two years of postponements, cancellations and rescheduling due to COVID-19, big-name artists and music venues in Prague are optimistically heading into the new year with loaded concert calendars.

Next Saturday, January 8, the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli should open a new concert season at the O2 arena.

Two weeks later, Till Lindemann will perform at Holešovice Tipsport arena, as part of a European tour he is set to embark on with his solo project called “Lindermann”.

Pop singer Enrique Iglesias will play on February 18, at the O2 arena. The same location will host on Saturday, March 12, the Swedish metal band Sabaton.

The Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, who plans to perform at the O2 arena on April 11, mainly addresses teenagers. Mendes has almost 30 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, will play in the Czech Republic for the first time.

On Saturday, April 23, a joint concert by Helloween and Hammerfall will take place again at O2 arena.

One Republic (May 10), Tool (May 23) and German veterans Scorpions (May 26) should also perform in the multi-purpose arena.

Rammstein will take the stage at Prague’s Letňany on Sunday and Monday, May 15th and 16th.

On Friday, May 27, Korn will perform at the Tipsport arena.

On Monday, May 30, a spectacular show (already sold out) will be brought to Letňany by Imagine Dragons, who already scheduled a second concert on Saturday, May 28.

On June 18, the American rockers Guns N ‘Roses, led by frontman Axl Rose, will play in Letňany, followed on June 22 by the biggest event of the year called Prague Rocks: the legendary Metallica will take part in it, accompanied by Five Finger Death Punch, Red Fang and Steel Panther.

Renowned British guitarist and singer Eric Clapton is scheduled to perform at the O2 Arena on June 5. Canadian pop star Celine Dion on June 22.

American soul singer Alicia Keys will present here new album on June 25 also at the O2 arena, which in summer will host rock legends Aerosmith (July 4) and Kiss (July 13), Pearl Jam (July 22) and Slipknot (July 28).

Arch Enemy is to perform at the Tipsport arena on 15 October. The legendary The Cure will perform again at the O2 Arena on October 24.

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