Prague City is Now Offering FREE of Charge Interpreting and Assistance Service

With the support of the Capital City of Prague, Integration Centre Prague o.p.s. offers foreigners free of charge interpreting and assistance of an intercultural worker who is now available at the City Hall Škodův palác building on a regular basis: every Monday from 9:00 to 15:00, in office no. 115, National Minorities and Foreigners Department.

You can arrange for assistance at other time and on other days on an agreement. The intercultural worker’s services are provided in Czech, English, Russian and Chinese languages.

Contact info:


Available at the Prague City Hall:

  • Where: Prague City Hall, Škodův palác – Jungmannova 335/29, 1st floor, office 115
  • When: Monday 9:00 – 15:00
  • (National Minorities and Foreigners Department)

On other weekdays, appointments can be arranged on an agreement.

Intercultural work is intended for overcoming language and socio-cultural barriers during communication between foreigners and officials at different authorities and other institutions. On the one hand, it facilitates the officials’ work, on the other hand, it helps foreigners handle various life situations.

The Integration Centre’s team of intercultural workers also offers these services for Vietnamese, Ukrainian and Arabic-speaking clients. You can find contact information of all the intercultural workers here.

There are other organizations offering services of intercultural workers in Prague as well. You can find the complete list of those at the informational website for foreigners –Prague for all. Prague’s long-term goal is to make people from foreign countries feel welcome in the Capital City so that the motto of the abovementioned website could hold true, i.e. that Prague is, in fact, a capital for all.

In which situations can you use the services of an intercultural worker?

  • Interpreting during communication between foreigners and workers of different institutions;
  • Assisting foreigners with filling out forms;
  • Providing short translations for workers of institutions;
  • Accompanying foreigners to other public institutions;
  • Assisting foreigners with orientation in Czech society, providing basic counselling and explaining how the Czech institutional system works;
  • Arranging contacts for other related services (legal and social counselling at Integration Centre Prague; other public institutions; non-profit organizations if needed).

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