Prague City Disinfects Náplavka To Fight Virus

Workers cleaned the Naplavka embankment along the Vltava River in Prague with disinfectant spray in an attempt to protect people visiting the area from contracting the virus.

Officials say they are using a liquid that consists of active oxygen which disinfects nearly 100 percent of the surfaces it comes in contact with and is not harmful to the environment.

“There are a lot of people who are coming here who are touching the items here. So, that is the reason why we need to have it clean,” said Jan Chabr, a Deputy Mayor of Prague.

The city is also disinfecting high traffic areas including; public squares, bus stations, and the common areas around city housing.

The Prague Public Transport Company has also intensified the cleaning of public transport vehicles in recent days due to the risk of coronavirus.

The new technology is designed to protect passengers for up to two years. The Prague Public Transport Company will verify its effectiveness every six months in ten randomly selected trams, buses, and metro cars.

“If the supplier fails to comply with his declarations in effect, we will require repeated disinfection of the cars at their expense,” said Petr Witowski, CEO of Prague Public Transport Company.

The special formula based on nano polymer of titanium dioxide, which destroys almost all viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


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