Prague Citizens to Pay More for Water, Gas and Waste Collection

Prague prices Water, Gas and Waste Collection

Next year, Prague residents will pay more for water, gas and waste collection. The price for water will rise by six percent while gas will increase by 7.3 percent. Waste collection will double for some costumers. 

Water payments will increase by six percent to 107.72 CZK per cubic meter. There will be a higher year-on-year increase in sewerage.

It means that the water price increases by about 21 CZK per person per month, on average 252 CZK per person per year. The larger price increase will be reflected in the sewerage system, which will increase by 10.7 percent to 51.84 CZK per cubic meter.

As of December 31 this year, gas customers in Prague will see their bills increase by 7.3 percent.

For a household with an annual consumption of 0.4 MWh, the price will increase by CZK 16. A household with an annual consumption of 4 MWh will pay an additional CZK 39, while a household with an annual consumption of 11 MWh will pay CZK 136.

By contrast, Pražská energetika (PRE) does not plan to raise prices from the New Year. It last increased its prices on the first of September this year; the jump was by 7 percent, which translates to CZK 70 per month for a regular Prague family.

“In February and probably in March, we will not increase our prices. However, the situation on the electricity market is not developing favorably, prices are still rising and we will probably have to react,” said PRE spokesman Petr Dove.

Heat prices have already been raised by Pražská teplárenská since December when the average Prague resident pays CZK 250 to 350 per month. The main reason was the development of the energy market. Natural gas prices have quadrupled compared to last year and emission allowances have risen in price by 100 percent year on year.

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