Prague Castle Is (Again) The Most Popular Czech Tourist Attraction

Prague Castle Top Attraction 2019

Prague Castle remains to be the most popular tourist destination in the Czech Republic, according to figures put together by Czech Tourism agency. Last year, it attracted over 2.4 million tourists, a nearly three-percent increase year-on-year.

The first 3 tourist destinations in 2018:

  1. Prague Castle (2.4 million visitors)
  2. Petrin funicular (2.07 million visitors)
  3. Prague zoo (1.4 million visitors)

While Prague Castle may be a given, some surprises made the diverse list of locations—which includes plenty of destinations beyond Prague—from the industrial sights of Dolní Vítkovice, to the zoo in Zlín and Aqualand Moravia.

CzechTourism also released some other rankings, aside from the top 50 list. The most popular architectural site was Obecní dům (the Municipal House) in Prague. The most popular memorial site was the ossuary at the Church of All Saints in Kutná Hora – Sedlec. Prague Castle was the most popular castle. The most popular museum was Forest, Game and Fishing Museum at zámek Ohrada in Hluboká nad Vltavou.

Other popular places include the Jewish Museum, the National Theater, Žižkov Television Tower, Průhonice Park, the National Technical Museum. While Průhonice Park is technically outside of the city limits, it is counted as part of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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