Botanic Garden Invites All Praguers to the Pumpkin Festival

Autumn is the most colorful time of the year and nature plays with a range of colors that no painter can mix! 

The Prague Botanic Garden is organizing a new exhibition called Pumpkin Autumn, which runs from October 14 to October 30, from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Here you can find the whole program:

Exhibition of pumpkin arrangements 14.-31. 10.

Let your imagination play out a story with the mysterious pumpkin decorations prepared by the Czech Horticultural Academy Mělník and transport yourself with us to the Celtic period and their culture.

Autumn workshops 15-16 October (weekend), 10.00-16.00

Creative workshops with autumn themes for our little visitors. Those interested can paint on pebbles, make paper pumpkins, create their own fashion pieces, or play with leaf prints.

There are no limits to ideas and creativity. You can look forward not only to a rich pumpkin menu but also to other refreshment stands.

There will also be mulled wine for the adults!

Pumpkin games 22-23 October (weekend), 10.00-16.00

Play around with pumpkins and let your imagination run wild. Everyone can get involved. All that matters is skill and courage.

A variety of natural items will be available, and pumpkins will be available for a small fee. There will be melt guns on site to attach materials.
You can also bring your own unusual fruits or tools that you might find useful in your creation. The resulting creations can be taken home with you.

Halloween 30.10. (Sunday),13.00-19.00

Pumpkin hollowing at the time of All Souls’ Day is an old Celtic tradition. Not only that, but also sitting around the fireplace, roasting sausages, a musical program, and an evening parade through the garden await you on the penultimate day of October. The afternoon will be enriched by musical performances and young and old alike can try their hand at various Celtic crafts.

There will be competitions and tricky tasks for children until dark. Scary masks are welcome. We will compete for the best one!

The program will conclude at 6 pm with the traditional parade through the darkened garden with lights and Halloween lanterns.


Again this year,­­­ the exhibition will present and display a gigantic pumpkin grown for us by Mr. Jan Staněk from Horní Bludovice. Its size is still a mystery. Follow the story of Adela, who hasn’t yet had her dinner on her Facebook.


Passionate growers and avid laypeople alike will be able to enter the competition for the largest pumpkin.


For adults, the entrance fee is 135 Kč (150 Kč on the spot), whereas, for children and students, the ticket will cost 85 Kč (100 Kč on the spot).

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