Prague Among the Best Places for Vegetarian Food Lovers in Europe

Best Places for Vegetarian Food prague

With Veganuary 2022 just around the corner, experts at wanted to find the best European capital cities for vegetarians to live in.

By analyzing the average ratings of vegetarian restaurants across each European capital, they can now reveal all! Prague has the 9th highest-rated vegetarian restaurants in Europe, a pretty good position for a typically meat-centered cuisine.

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With vegetarianism recently taking off in the Czech Republic, Prague has been crowned the 9th best capital for vegetarians to live, with an average rating of 8.64/10 for their veggie restaurants.

Vegetarian hotspots of Europe

With an average vegetarian rating of 8.85/10, Belgrade, Serbia, is the European capital most suited for vegetarians! The average price of a meal in this Eastern European capital is just €15,98, 32% cheaper than Malta’s capital, Valletta, in second place.

With a total of 381 restaurants to choose from, vegetarians in Belgrade will be spoilt for choice.

The Maltese capital of Valletta comes in second, just missing out on the top spot with an average veggie restaurant rating of
8.84/10. Despite the average price of a meal being slightly more expensive than Belgrade, the Mediterranean capital has 1201
suitable restaurants to choose from, the 11th most of all capital cities analysed.

With 264 suitable restaurants under their belt, Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, takes third spot with an average vegetarian rating of
8.78 out of 10. However, despite the array of options, the average price for a meal at one of these high-rated veggie restaurants is the seventh most expensive in Europe, at €32,48.

The eastern European capital of Albania, Tirana, takes fourth with an average rating of 8.76/10 for their vegetarian restaurants.

Not only does this capital offer some of the best vegetarian restaurants across the continent, but it is also the highest-rated
capital city in Europe for brunch restaurants as well, scoring a whopping 8.95/10.

Helsinki, Finland, is the lowest-rated European capital for vegetarian restaurants

Rated 8.08/10 for their vegetarian restaurants, Finland’s capital, Helsinki takes last place for their vegetarian restaurants.

Despite 11% of their population being vegetarians, the fourth-highest vegetarian population in Europe, the restaurants are not up to scratch compared with the rest of the continent.

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