Prague Allows People With Mobility Impairments to Get Vaccinated at Home

It is ensuring that vulnerable individuals receive the protection they need. 

Local and national governments worldwide are urging citizens to get the COVID vaccine as soon as possible in order to protect themselves and the people around them.

While booking an appointment and visiting a General Practitioner sounds simple, it can be a challenging – and sometimes, impossible – a task for someone with impaired physical mobility.

As The reports, the Czech Red Cross (CRC) has teamed up with the Association of General Practitioners, the University Hospital in Motol, and the Municipal Polyclinic in Prague to help vaccinate immobile citizens from the comfort of their homes.

Vaccinating unregistered patients

On 4 January, the Czech capital revealed that 22 GPs are currently involved in this project, visiting vulnerable individuals with the help of CRC drivers.

Together, they have managed to administer more than 520 doses since the beginning of the project in the fall of 2021. Commenting on the work of the mobile vaccination teams, GP Ludmila Bezdíčková shared:

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients’ health deteriorated to the point where they were unable to physically go to the doctor’s office, moving to their families, for example, and finding it difficult to find a new GP in their area of residence. Thanks to the help of colleagues willing to vaccinate even those who are not registered, the drivers of the Czech Red Cross and the Prague City Council, we were able to provide vaccinations at home and for them.”

Book an appointment

If you are unable to visit a vaccination centre or your GP’s office, you can book an appointment to be vaccinated from the comfort of your home.

To do so, one must only fill out a form on the municipality’s website. After this, you will join a waiting list and receive a call when the time and date of your appointment have been set.

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