Prague Airport to Stop Announcing Flights to Ukraine in the Russian Language

The decision was made at the request of the Ukrainian Embassy.

From February 1, Prague airport will cease to use the duplication of information in Russian language when announcing flights to Ukraine.

The announcements will be only in Czech and English. The airport management met the request of the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic Yevgeny Perebiynis.

“I admit that we have long tried to change this practice because we believe that there is no logic in duplicating information into Russian. The airport always told us that it is done at the request of airlines, as well as out of concern for transit passengers,” he said.

“In our opinion, the first point underestimates the Ukrainian citizens, who, I am sure, as well as citizens of other countries, are able to understand basic announcements in Czech or English. Moreover, Russian citizens do not fly through Ukraine, because air links between our country and the aggressor have long been canceled. If we are talking about passengers of third countries, then again, most of them understand the language of international communication – English,” he adds.

In turn, Prague Airport spokeswoman Klára Divíšková confirmed that in the terminal halls the announcements are in Czech and English, while in the gates they are added to the language versions requested by specific airlines.


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