Prague Airport Launched a High-Resolution Live Runway Stream

Watching what happens at Prague Airport live has never been easier. A unique project has recently been launched: a new live stream from a high-resolution web-camera that captures what is happening on Runway 06/24.

The broadcast is accompanied by updates on arrivals and departures and the airport will also show a visual representation of historic aircraft landing on its social media platforms. The live stream can be seen on and on Prague Airport’s YouTube channel.

“I am very happy that together with we have been able to improve the quality of streaming from Runway 06/24. Live streaming has been very popular among viewers and I believe that high-quality videos will raise general interest in air traffic and in how the airport works,” says Ondrej Svoboda, Marketing and Corporate Identity Manager at Prague Airport.

The camera for live streaming from main Runway 06/24 was originally located almost two kilometres from the runway. Now it stands closer to the runway (as the crow flies, it is about 520 metres) and the video is transmitted in Full HD. This makes it possible to show greater detail and provide a higher-quality livestream. Bad weather is no longer a complication, as the webcam comes with lens wipers that remove raindrops and other impairments.

The live broadcast is complemented by the sound of pilots communicating with the control tower and infographics on current air traffic information. Everybody watching the livestream can receive detailed information on expected arrivals and departures. They will also learn about the type of aircraft and airline and what the origin or destinations of a given flight are. 

You can get also closer to aircraft if you stand on one of the viewing platforms that are located near the airport, namely in Hostivice and Knezeves.

Directly at the airport, you will find an observation deck from where you can watch airport traffic. Last but not least, Prague Airport organizes regular tours that take you to the airfield or behind the scenes.

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