Prague Airport is Launching a Self-Service Bag Drop

Prague Airport has launched a new self-service bag drop for passengers travelling from Terminal 2.

The system enables passengers to check-in their baggage themselves with the help of modern technology – in a quick and easy way. For this purpose, the airport has installed 12 modern self-service kiosks at the new check-in island in Terminal 2.

“Self-service bag drop is another step towards realizing a faster and more effective passenger check-in process. We are expecting that the new bag drop system will lead to smoother passenger flow throughout the terminal. From the operating and economic perspectives, it is a highly effective solution and it represents a positive step in the airports technological advancement, which has been increasing hand in hand with the ongoing construction improvements,” says Vaclav Rehor, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prague Airport.

Prague Airport utilizes 12 self-service bag drop kiosks, all of which have been installed at the new check-in island in Terminal 2 comprising 24 counters. Passengers will be assisted by trained staff, who can provide information about the existence of the new service and will help them through each of the individual steps.   

By launching the self-service bag drop, Prague Airport ranks among important international airports that have been offering this service, such as Frankfurt, Brussels and Heathrow, as well John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

The total purchase price for 12 self-service kiosks at Prague Airport was CZK 2.6 million. The airport believes that in the coming months, the kiosks will also be available to passengers flying with Air France, Brussels Airlines and KLM. Negotiations with other carriers are currently underway.

The kiosks offer eight language versions (Czech, English, Russian, German, Dutch, Italian and French) and they easily guide passengers through the check-in process.

  1. A passenger first scans a bar code on his or her boarding pass that he or she obtained during online check-in at home. The kiosk’s display will show a summary of the information that the passenger provided when buying the ticket, i.e. name, surname, final destination, flight number, and allowed parameters of checked-in baggage
  2. Once the information has been confirmed, the system will ask the passenger to place his or her luggage on the check-in conveyor belt.
  3. By pressing a button on the display, the passenger confirms that he or she does not have any forbidden items in their baggage (such as weapons, flammable liquids or a power bank).
  4. The passenger than prints out a bag tag and affixes it to each bag, which is then sent to the sorting facility and later onto the aircraft.
  5. If a passenger brings a bag tag directly from a self-check kiosk located in the terminal, he or she must scan both the boarding pass and the bag tag.
  6. Finally, the passenger proceeds to the security check area and continues onward to the passenger terminal and the to their airplane.

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