Prague Airport has Launched its Interior Map in Apple Maps

Prague Airport, in cooperation with Apple, has launched a digital map that depicts the interior of the airport terminals in detail. This allows Apple Maps users to track their current location on the airport map, and they can easily find check-in counters, security checkpoints, shops or restaurants. Prague Airport thus ranks among the 74 airports in the world and only 15 airports in Europe that also offer this service within Apple Maps.

“With the help of our interior map, passengers can easily navigate at the airport terminals, making their journey through the airport more pleasant, quicker and more efficient. The application may also be useful to those who like to plan ahead and wish to prepare for their journey. Before leaving for the airport, they may virtually look around at the terminal from which they will depart. We believe that this will make the experience of being at the airport more pleasant for our passengers,“ says  Ondřej Svoboda, Manager of Marketing Communication and Corporate Identity of Prague Airport, explaining the benefits of this technology innovation for passengers, and he adds: “By launching our interior map in Apple Maps, our airport has joined major international airports, such as Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, Beijing International Airport, or Heathrow in London.”   

The user will find the interior of a selected Ruzyně airport terminal by zooming in directly in Apple Maps. The application shows the user’s current location and the closest locations the passenger will use when passing through the airport, be it check-in counters of the individual airlines, security or passport control, departure gates or baggage claim conveyor belts (including their identification numbers).

In addition, the user will find the closest restrooms and various supporting services, such as baggage packing, information desks, first aid, a children’s play area, relaxation zone, office assistance services, ATMs, etc. as well. Last but not least, he will easily find restaurants or shops of his favorite brands.

The application differentiates between the floors and also offers themed search icons that open the list and location of every service, such as the list of restaurants or all the departure gates. One may search through the virtual assistant (Siri) as well. The service is available to users of all iOS and iPadOS operating system devices.    

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