Prague 6 Wants to Rename Korunovační Street to Ukrainských hrdinů

The Prague 6 municipal district asked Prague City Hall to rename the street near the Russian Embassy on Monday.

The current name of the street is Korunovační, but it could be renamed Ukrainských hrdinů. The request was approved by the majority of the city council, according to the mayor of the sixth district and TOP 09 MP Ondřej Kolář.

“We have approved the request to rename the part of Korunovační Street along with the Russian Embassy to ‘Ukrainských hrdinů’ and the bridge between Prague 6 and Prague 7 to ‘Most Vitalije Skakuna,’ ” Kolář wrote on his Twitter account on Monday.

Vitaliy Skakun is a Ukrainian soldier who died when he blew up a bridge in front of the Russian invasion army advancing on Kherson.

It wouldn’t be the first name change around the Russian embassy. In 2020, the municipality had the square’s name near the Russian embassy changed to Boris Nemtsov Square, named after the murdered Russian opposition politician.

The Slovaks also want to rename the street near the Russian embassy. Instead of the current Godrova Street, the embassy could be located on the street named after Boris Nemtsov.

The mayor of the relevant Bratislava district announced in front of the Russian embassy, symbolically on the seventh anniversary of Nemtsov’s death.

The country is taking these steps as an expression of support and solidarity with Ukraine, facing a massive invasion by Russian troops for almost a week.

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