Prague 3 to Ban Plastics at All Outdoor Events

During the year, numerous outdoor events are held in Prague 3, consuming large quantities of plastics.

“By 2021, disposable plastics will be banned throughout the European Union; I see no reason why we should not be in favor of the new law. The efficiency of plastic recycling is still a problematic issue. Limiting their one-off use is a logical first step,” says Pirates Councilor for Culture and Environment Jana Belecová.

The ban on plastics will include more than just cups.  No food or beverage can be sold with or in disposable plastics. It also includes a ban on plastic cutlery such as forks, spoons, and knives.

The new requirements for cultural events in Prague will take effect some two years before new rules against disposable plastic are mandatory across the European Union.

Disposable plastic dishes are, according to the European Commission, among the top 10 plastic products found in the sea.

Cigarette waste is the leading plastic pollutant found on many EU beaches, though biodegradable cigarette filters are now available. An EU directive mandates that all cigarette filters will be partially biodegradable by 2025.



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