Prague 2 Fights Back Against Graffiti

Dvojka proti graffiti

More than 600 houses are already involved in the graffiti removal program in Prague 2.

For the eleventh year in a row, the district of Prague 2 has been implementing an anti-graffiti program, reports Pražský Patriot.

In the first three months of this year, 57 houses were cleaned, and more than 319 square meters of graffiti were removed. In total, it is planned to release the consequences of spraying from an area of ​​more than two thousand square meters this year.

In addition to removing graffiti from buildings involved in the Dvojka proti graffiti program, Prague 2 initiated graffiti removal on the stairs in Bělehradská Street, even though they are not owned by the city district.

“In recent times, we turned to the capital to finally solve the spray-painted New Town walls. We have also pushed for graffiti to disappear from the Belgrade Stairs, even though they are owned by the Technical Administration of Roads. Only in 2020, the disposal of graffiti cost the city district more than 410,000 crowns,” says Deputy Mayor Jan Korseska (ODS), who is in charge of the city district’s budget.

“Currently, 651 private and municipal houses are involved in Dvojka proti graffiti, and they will continue to participate in the project,” said Deputy Mayor Alexandra Udženija, the initiator of the program.

Owners of properties located in the Prague 2 can apply for the program. The condition for inclusion is that the house has a repaired plaster.

Proven technology for protection against graffiti is a special modification of the facade, carried out up to a height of three meters. This includes penetration, graffiti removal, facade paint repair, and plaster repair.

Prague 2 would welcome more significant involvement of property owners, the city district said in a press release. All rules and conditions can be found directly on the project website.

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