Post-COVID Syndrome Afflicts Thousands of Czechs

post-covid syndrome czechs

Even a mild case of COVID-19 can come with some pretty miserable symptoms, including debilitating headaches, extreme fatigue and body aches that make it feel impossible to get comfortable.

Numerous Czech workers and citizens have testified about having post-Covid-19 symptoms that have been moderately or severely handicapping their ability to work.

This is due to the fact that patients are not completely healthy and recovered even after months of the initial contraction of the virus.

Post-Covid-19 symptoms include chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, and persistent loss of smell and taste.

Petr Jakubec, a pneumologist from the University Hospital Olomouc, has stated that post-Covid-19 symptoms can last for weeks or sometimes even months. “In other diseases, we are used to patients feeling improvement every day, but unfortunately for Covid-19, recovery is only after weeks, sometimes even months”.

Early in 2021, a study in the Lancet showed that 6 months after illness onset, 76% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, China, reported at least one symptom that persisted, mostly fatigue or muscle weakness.

Evidently, it is essential and recommended to visit a pulmonary doctor, if problems persist. Olomouc Hospital advises patients to rehabilitate slowly, emphasizing the importance of regular, but not brash, movement.

On top of that, other symptoms have been detected, as some patients report that their hair is falling out. Petr Arenberger, of Royal Vinohrady University Hospital, offers two explanations for this phenomenon: firstly, he states that hair falls out because of the stress the body goes through when having to deal with a severe infection.

His second explanation for hair loss pertains to the inflammation of thinner blood vessels, such as capillaries, which can then affect hair cuticles.

The stated symptoms, including less common ones, are being collected as data.

However, patients and people who have already contracted it are advised to maintain their health by drinking clean water, engaging in light exercise such as walking, and getting adequate amounts of rest.

For senior citizens who have had Covid-19, physiotherapy and spa stays are recommended to speed up recovery.

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