Popularity of Football Sports Betting and Top Betting Markets Among Punters

Football is everyone’s favorite sport to bet on, with many punters from different parts of the world opting for placing wagers on different football events.

This is one of the reasons why the sport is among the top betting markets at most sportsbooks. While some parts of the world refer to the sport as soccer, one common thing between all fans of the sport is their love for the game and its players.

If you are interested in the sport and want to know more about football betting, you can continue reading. We will make sure to cover points like why football is so popular among bettors, what types of bets you can usually make on football games, and how to make the most out of your sports betting experience. If you want to learn the best apps you can use for football betting, you can head to the sporting pedia apps section. 

Why Punters Prefer Betting on Football

Whether we are talking about Europe, the US, or another part of the world, football is often picked as the number one favorite sport of people around the globe. As the game has a huge fanbase, it is only natural that it is also the top choice of most sports bettors. 

Being an extremely popular sport, football offers fans a vast variety of leagues, with numerous matches and major events. Naturally, this means that there are also plenty of football betting markets that bettors can choose from. As sportsbooks make sure to offer competitive odds and numerous betting options, football is easily among the top picks of most punters.

As online sportsbooks have become a popular way to bet on numerous sporting events from around the world, bookmakers have made sure to offer their members ample promotions. Some betting sites often provide exclusive deals for football fans, making the sport even more popular among bettors. If you want to enjoy a fair and fun betting exprience as a fan of the game, we recommend checking the football odds at William Hill

Popular Football Betting Markets Many Punters Prefer

If you have decided on betting on football, typically, you will have plenty of betting markets to choose from. Depending on your preferences and willingness to take risks, you might enjoy different options but it is always worth it to be aware of the different types of betting markets.

Match Odds

No matter the sportsbook you join, you will be able to bet on match odds, as this is the most popular football betting market. One of the reasons for the bet’s popularity is its simplicity as you will place your money on the outcome of the game. You can choose to bet on Home win, Away win, or Draw. As there are 3 simple outcomes to bet on, the odds for this football market are neither too high, nor too low. Match odds is a perfect market for punters who enjoy slow and steady betting, with low-risk bets. 

Draw No Bet

Another betting market that will have punters place wagers on the overall outcome of a game is Draw No Bet. Here, you will have to choose only between Home win and Away win. If the match ends with a draw, you will receive your wager back. This option makes the Draw No Bet market less risky than the Match Odds one, with many punters enjoying the chance to get their money back in case of a draw.

Double Chance

Similar to the Match Odds market, Double Chance offers bettors three options to bet on. Each of the three options, however, covers two possible outcomes, making the odds for this market lower. You can bet on Home or Draw, Draw or Away, or Home or Away, making this market perfect for punters who prefer lower-risk wagers. 

Correct Score

Unlike the aforementioned markets, Correct Score is more specific, having punters choose from numerous options and try to predict the exact final score of a football match. As there are plenty of outcomes to choose from, naturally, the odds for this market are much higher but this betting type is most suitable for punters who enjoy high-risk betting. If you are willing to take the risk, however, you may quickly rack up generous wins.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is definitely the most complex betting market from this bunch, making it most suitable for high-risk bet lovers and punters who enjoy the thrill. Although it originates in Asia, it is very popular among football bettors. It eliminates the possibility of a draw and gives the handicap to the team that has the lead. While the odds for the favorite are negative, those for the underdog have positive odds, giving the team that is less likely to win the handicap advantage. Usually, there are many selections to choose from, offering quite the high odds. 


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