Poll: 34% of Czechs Wish to Leave EU

Support for remaining in the EU stands at well over 80 percent in the majority of member states, a new continent-wide poll has found – with Britain’s political crisis apparently a poor advert for leaving.

The survey by Kantar asked people how they would vote in an in-out referendum and found that Luxembourg (94 percent), Portugal (92 percent), Ireland (91 percent), and the Netherlands (91 percent) had the highest support for EU membership out of the 28 countries in the bloc.

Apart from the UK, the highest level of support for leaving was in the Czech Republic, where 66 percent supported Remain and 34 percent Leave. Italy was close behind as the next most Eurosceptic country, with 72 percent Remain and 28 percent Leave. Austria and France were the third and fourth most Eurosceptic. 

It’s not surprising that Czech skepticism or opposition to the European Union is strongest amongst the unemployed and self-employed. Those living in small towns as opposed to the capital, Prague, and bigger cities are also more critical. And those with basic or elementary education are also more likely to be opposed. 

And a strong majority of Czechs believe they are being given an overly positive view of the EU at the moment although they also admit that local politicians also use it as a scapegoat. 

While many Czechs agree with the assertion that EU membership helps business and the overall economy, that realization does not appear to transfer into automatic EU support. 

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