Police Will Bring a ‘Stronger Approach’ to Covid Measure Breaches, Says Jan Švejdar

The police will no longer try to explain Covid restrictions to people. They will instead ‘not tolerate’ anybody who disobeys the rules, the country’s police president Jan Švejdar said.

Švejdar made the announcement on Twitter, stating that as harsher restrictions have been introduced to halt the spread of Coronavirus, stricter compliance measures need to put in place too.

“The situation is extremely serious and police officers can no longer tolerate such actions.”

According to him, there is still a group of citizens who categorically refuse to comply with measures such as mask-wearing. However, the police no longer have ‘room to negotiate’, according to Švejdar.

Ondřej Moravčík, a spokesman of the police, explained that the police officers have three variants of the procedure.

Firstly, the police can try to negotiate with the person. Secondly, fines can be issued on the spot for up to 10 thousand crowns. If the individual refuses to pay, they can report the matter to the administrative authority. If this happens, the fine can increase to 20,000 CZK.

Moravčík confirmed that the second variant of the procedure will be used more frequently now.

This news comes after a restaurant in Vodičková Street was found to be open beyond 8 pm. The company managing the restaurant now faces a fine of up to 3 million CZK.

Švejdar also thanked the ‘vast majority’ of citizens who ‘act responsibly’ and are compiling with the measures. Read the full Tweets below.



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