Police Seize (Again) Food With Unknown Origins at Sapa

The State Veterinary Administration, alongside Police, found beef, pork, poultry, and fish, of an unidentified origin on Thursday. The meat and fish were found in a warehouse in the Sapa market, known as the Vietnamese neighborhood of Prague.

The offenders are facing heavy fines of up to 10 million CZK, and the inspectors have ordered for the disposal of all products found. One storage area has been closed. 

The police ordered the elimination of 200 kg of mung bean sprouts, 48 kg of shells and seafood, fish and fish broth, 75 duck and quail eggs.  In most cases, food was unmarked, with an unknown origin, or with damaged packaging. In some storage areas, police control has discovered rodent excrement.

Last year, health and safety inspections were brought back to the market in Libuše, due to concerns. Of the 15 inspections conducted, 13 of them found defects. To address the health violations, a fine of 400,000 CZK was proposed, which is twenty times higher than the fine from the year before.

The most common violation has been that the seller could not prove the meat’s origin, making this recent find a part of a prevailing issue.

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