Poetry in Motion: Brno Makes Travelling by Tram a More Meaningful Experience

brno poetry tram

Residents can now find fragments of poems on 15 of the city’s trams.

As The Mayor.eu reports, From 4 November until 4 December, Brno’s residents will have the opportunity to read poems in 15 of the Czech city’s trams as part of the project “Poetry in Motion”.

Although the trams’ passengers will be people from Brno, they will be reading old and contemporary works by poets from another European city, Kharkiv in Ukraine. At the same time, the residents of the Ukrainian city will read works written by poets from Brno.

13 years ago, Brno and Kharkiv formed a partnership with the aim of creating shared experiences in various areas, from education to urban development.

The month-long Poetry in Motion project stems from this partnership, enriching the lives of European citizens and strengthening the ties between them. Commenting on the cultural project, Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková shared:

“It is great that as part of a partnership, we enrich, inspire and try to get to know each other through literature through such projects. […] Literary works – including poems – can be an important and true testimony to the life and thoughts of locals. Thanks to the fact that the project is a ‘mirror’, the inhabitants of Kharkiv can get a similar picture of the people of Brno as representatives of the Czech and Moravian nature, respectively.”

Brno’s Councillor for Culture Marek Fišer similarly noted that the Poetry in Motion project will help bring the two cities closer together, even though they are located over 1,600 kilometres apart.

The names and biographies of the Czech and Ukrainian poets, as well as fragments of their work can be found on the Poetry in Motion’s website

With this one-month-long cultural project, Brno hopes to strengthen its connection with other European cities, intensify its international cultural cooperation, and teach the inhabitants of other metropolises about the Czech nation.


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