PM Fiala Reveals How Many Armored Vehicles and Weapons Were Provided to Ukraine

The Czech Republic has disclosed the amount and type of military aid provided to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

The assistance includes tanks, light armored vehicles, artillery, and ammunition.

According to the Czech government, military aid provided to Ukraine totals 10 billion Czech crowns, with an additional 30 billion crowns worth of arms and equipment transferred from the Czech defense industry. This marks the first time the government has reported in such detail on the amount of military aid given to Kyiv, including cooperation between the state and private companies.

“The first delivery we organized took place 14 days after the invasion began, and in this way, we showed others that it is possible and that this is the right way,” stated Fiala, a Czech politician.

The list of military aid provided to Ukraine includes 89 tanks, 226 other armored vehicles, and 38 howitzers. About a third of this weaponry came from the country’s military stockpiles. In addition, six air defense systems and four helicopters were handed over to Ukraine.

The Czech defense industry also supplied Ukraine’s Defense Forces with 33 multiple rocket launchers (MLRS), and half a million units of ammunition, including 60,000 missiles for MLRS.

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic decided to reveal information about Czech aid to Ukraine as the first anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion approaches, as it is now possible from a security point of view.

On Wednesday, Fiala attended a meeting with US President Joe Biden and representatives of the Bucharest Nine, a group of NATO countries from Central and Eastern Europe, in Warsaw.

As previously reported, the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic reported that the total amount of weapons transferred from the warehouses of the Czech Armed Forces and exported by Czech arms manufacturers amounts to over 54.8 billion Czech crowns.

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