PM Babis Pelted With Eggs During Election Campaign

babis eggs campaign

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has been pelted with eggs during an election campaign appearance.

The incident occurred on Saturday at his home in Pruhonice near Prague, two months out from parliamentary elections, the CTK news agency reported.

Bodyguards took the head of government to a nearby cafe.

Babis told CNN Prima News he was attacked by opponents of his government’s anti-coronavirus measures: “They hit me in the head – and a young woman got a mug of beer.”

Before the appearance, critics of the prime minister had already painted hundreds of white crosses on the floor. They said they wanted to commemorate the more than 30,300 people killed in the coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic.

According to the latest polls, Babis’ populist ANO is in the lead. It can count on 26 per cent of the vote, followed by the liberal-conservative party alliance Spolu, on 21.5 per cent.

The alliance of the Pirate Party and the Mayor’s Party would get 20 per cent.

The polling agency Median surveyed 1,078 people aged 18 or older from July 1 to 31 for the opinion poll.


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