Plans Proposed for a New Cable Car in Prague

In just a few years, a new cable car could be built in Prague, linking Podbaba with the zoo and Bohnice. The proposal is supported by the capital and the city halls of Prague 6 and Prague 8.

The journey from Dejvice to Bohnice would be shortened by almost half an hour, and the construction of the rope course itself should take about a year. It will be the quietest and most environmentally friendly means of transport in the Prague Integrated Transport system.

The cable car design calculates a riding time of 7 minutes, with an interval of 60 seconds, and the transport capacity of 2-4 thousand people per hour. The cable car is designed on a three-rope system that is able to withstand even the strongest of winds. Passengers get on and off when the cabin travels at just 0.54 km/h, so it’s both safe and comfortable.

The route goes deliberately outside the zoo to keep from crossing territories but it’s close enough to be able to transport passengers directly to the planned new entrance to the area. This would solve the problem of the overcrowded 112 bus line, and the lack of parking spaces around the zoo. 

“We have to come up with an easier connection between Prague 6 and Prague 8 because it does not exist today and that is a disgrace in the year of 2018. We will be able to build the rope course very quickly compared to the tram lines. Our study shows that if we want to offer people a quick connection in the near future, the cable car is the right way to do it.” Says Deputy Mayor and Transport Counsellor Petr Dolínek.

Estimated cost of construction

The estimated cost for the construction of this cable car is calculated at around 1-1.5 billion Kč. The only necessary buildings to be constructed are three stations and six pillars. The new cable car route will save commuters a lot of time. The journey between Dejvice and Krakov currently takes around 45 minutes, but with the cable car, the same journey will only take 21 minutes. 

“There has been no useful transport connection between Bohnice to Dejvice for a long time. The cable car is a very elegant and fast solution, which is, moreover, cheaper than anything else. Prague 8 supports this project.” states Mayor of Prague 8, Roman Petrus.

“It would be hard to find a more complicated connection between two city districts than Prague 6 and Prague 8, even though we are practically neighbours. The cable car is the most logical solution. It will be built much faster and more economically than a metro or tram line. We support any solution that will ease Prague 6 of its current traffic situation,” added Eva Smutná, Deputy Mayor of Prague 6.

“After approval of the study by councillors and representatives, it will be possible to start working. If everything goes well, a realistic estimate for the first passengers traveling by cable car is between 2023 and 2024“, says Petr Dolínek, Transport Councillor.

Foto: ROPID / Ing. arch. Václav Brejška

Author: Holly Webb

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