Pizza Lovers, Rejoice! Pizzeria Da Pietro is Finally Opening in Prague

Pietro is bringing its laid-back, buzzing pizzeria to Prague with a new 90 seats restaurant. Since first opening its doors in Plzeň back in 2016, Pizzeria Da Pietro has gained a big reputation for top-notch Neapolitan pizza.

Specialties include Margherita D.O.P. with San Marzano tomatoes, Estate in Puglia with yellow semi-dried tomatoes, burrata and Parma ham, or Calabrese with black casertano pig sausage that melts into the pizza, spicy ham from Calabria and black olives. Just to name a few.

We met the owner Petr Soukal for a quick interview.

Petr Soukal

PM: Pizzeria Da Pietro has become a must for pizza lovers in the Czech Republic. Can you briefly summarize your story, how did you start?

Petr: I started 4 years ago. At that time I didn’t know anything about pizza. I was running a shop with Italian products and I wanted a change because it wasn’t going so well. My friend and I decided to open a pizzeria. I went to Naples with my van and I studied how the real Neapolitan pizza is made.

Then, I came back with a van full of products and a wood oven. After about two months of tests, we opened Pizzeria da Pietro in Plzeň. In the beginning, it was very difficult, but we managed to create something that I think makes sense. I continued to study the dough and look for the best ingredients. Always with a lot of passion. Today I am happy to show my concept of contemporary pizza with carefully researched ingredients and unique dough recipe.

PM: The news that many pizza lovers were waiting for: you are finally opening in Prague! Can you give us some information about the new pizzeria?

Petr: Yes, I’m very happy that we finally managed to find a place we like and in a couple of months we can show our concept of pizza, even in Prague. It will be located in Vinohrady with about 90 seats and modern interior design.

PM: Will you offer the same menu as in Plzeň or should we expect some new pizza types?

Petr: We aim to start with even more enthusiasm for innovation!

PM: Are you also planning to offer your pizzas via delivery services like Wolt?

Petr:  Not at the moment, we have no intention of making deliveries.

PM: In recent years in Prague they have opened several pizzerias, I think of S.Carlo, Da Antonio, Manu, who offer a pizza similar to the Neapolitan one. How is your pizza different than the others?

Petr: I don’t really like looking at others. I want to show my concept of contemporary pizza with special doughs and high-quality ingredients. I never stop. In my opinion, there is always so much to learn and study. I like to use flours and products that nobody uses here in the Czech Republic and I always think of new pizza flavors. It is very important for me to personally know all the suppliers who send us the ingredients.

PM: Can you give a tip to your future new customers: which pizza do you recommend to those who have not yet tried your specialties?

Petr: The first is always our classic Margherita. Then something more particular, but I always suggest the seasonal ones.

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