Microbrew Festival “Pivo Na Naplavce” Comes to Prague This Weekend

pivo na naplavce 2022

Pivo Na Naplavce (Beer at Náplavka) festival combines two of our favorite things about Prague. Spend the weekend hanging out by the river and trying some of the Czech Republic’s best microbrews.

The traditional festival of 50 micro and mini-breweries, which will take place this year on the Rašínovo embankment in Prague 2.

This is the tenth anniversary of the event. The festival will take place on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th of June. It will present also beer-pairing gastronomy and live music.

Admission to the Pivo Na Naplavce festival and the accompanying cultural program will be free, but the condition for beer tasting will be the purchase of our 0.3L glass mug.

“We expect around 4,000 people this year,” said Jiří Sedláček, director of the Pivo Na Naplavce festival.

“Visitors can look forwarded to 15 food stalls which will serve different food. There will be burger stalls, various grilled meat delicacies, Belgian fries, Balkan specialties, artisanal pizza, quality Czech sausages, French sausages, burgundy snails, cheese balls and, in addition, quality coffee,” added Sedláček.

Together with the festival tasting card and pencil, it will cost CZK 100. The mug can be reused on both days of the festival. Beer can be drunk exclusively from tasting glasses.

The organizers are trying to avoid unnecessary waste in the form of plastic cups, and in addition, beer from the glass tastes better. However, visitors to the festival will not see the classic pints.

“Pivo Na Naplavce is a tasting festival, so stands will serve a maximum of one-third. The condition for beer consumption is the purchase of a tasting set, which consists of a festival glass jug with a volume of 0.3 l, a tasting card and a pencil. The set will cost 100 crowns, seniors will have it available for 70 crowns and it will be usable for both days of the festival. In addition to those offered by individual breweries, you will also be able to get souvenirs with the festival beer logo,” Sedláček described.

The festival also includes a vote for the most popular mini-brewery.

pivo na naplavce 2022

pivo na naplavce 2022

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